Prayers & Pixies

On Sale October 31, 2021

A collection of poems that explore identity, nature, and our connection to the mysteries of the universe.

"The poems in this collection that were not commissioned were my true and sincere prayers direct from my prayer journal. 2019-2021 have been difficult years for me in deep, incalculable ways. Every single one of these poems helped me make a bit of sense of the pain, grief, and search for hope and joy that I have been experiencing. I hope they can in some small way do the same for you."

-from the introduction of Prayers & Pixies

The Book of Truth

Coming Soon!

100 years into the future, Earth struggles with the effects of global warming. Two twins, Noah and Caleb, find themselves yoinked out of their traditional high school, one of the last ones left, and thrust into the opportunity of a lifetime: two coveted spots at Olympus Academy.

Olympus Academy is the school of the future, at least that's what playboy trillionaire philanthropist Luke Apollo called it when he opened it. Poor, Black kids from below the river, Noah and Caleb wonder if they'll fit in with the children of the world's most elite class.

But once they get to Olympus Academy, they realize fitting in might be the least of their problems... Head to my Patreon for a behind-the-scenes look at the design of Olympus Academy.